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Michael Smith michael at
Thu Sep 3 05:03:31 UTC 2015

On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 9:41 PM, Austin Seipp <austin at> wrote:

>   - Make it clear what we expect of contributors. I feel like a lot of
> this could be explained by having a 5 minute drive-by guide for
> patches, and then a longer 10-minute guide about A) How to style
> things, B) How to format your patches if you're going to contribute
> regularly, C) Why it is this way, and D) finally links to all the
> other things you need to know. People going into Phabricator expecting
> it to behave like GitHub is a problem (more a cultural problem IMO but
> that's another story), and if this can't be directly fixed, the best
> thing to do is make it clear why it isn't.

This is tangential to the issue of the code review system, and I don't want
derail the discussion here, but if you're talking about a drive-by guide for
patches, I'd add E) straightforward instructions on how to get GHC building
*fast* for development. A potential contributor won't even reach the patch
submission stage if they can't get the build system set up properly, and the
current documentation here is spread out and somewhat intimidating for a
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