too many lines too long

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Fri Nov 13 15:01:35 UTC 2015

My view on this is:

Firstly, I hate explaining myself to Arcanist. When prompted to explain the reason for too long 
lines I typically enter "wontfix" without thinking too much.

Secondly, I really don't like how warnings clutter code reviews.

I have my Emacs highlight text beyond 80th column with a really ugly colour, so I strive real hard 
to maintain 80-column limit whenever possible. But sometimes fitting in that limit is nearly 
impossible: imagine being in a let nested in a do-notation nested in a guard nested in a where 
clause. Approx. 15-20 columns are lost for the indentation. Nevertheless I would support 
introducing a hard limit on having no more than 80 columns. 


PS. It makes me really sad that we don't have any coding convention for GHC: we mix camelCase with 
underscore_case, indentation is inconsistent (good thing we at least got rid of tabs!), 
whitespace usage is inconsistent, etc. I could make this list very long.

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