GHC with cabal-install

Kazu Yamamoto (=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCOzNLXE9CSScbKEI=?=) kazu at
Fri Feb 27 00:41:40 UTC 2015

Hi Jack,

> I can't provide any guidance on what GHC might do, but I can from what
> other distributions have done. On both my Debian and Gentoo systems,
> there is a cabal-install package that is as easy to install as
> ghc. Perhaps CentOS could provide a similar package. I see that Fedora
> has a cabal-install package as well. Perhaps that could be added to
> epel or you could build it yourself for CentOS.

In my CentOS 7:

% yum search cabal
No matches found
% yum provides cabal
No matches found

Anyway, I would like to know reasons why the GHC binary package does
not provide the cabal command.


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