D808 progress report

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Wed Dec 9 13:35:13 UTC 2015

Ben Gamari <ben at well-typed.com> writes:

> Now since I have a build I'll be turning my attention to some of the
> performance issues.

Here is a list of the major (>10% delta) performance regressions
according to my testsuite run roughly in order of severity,

    mdo003:     compile never completes
    mdo006:     compile never completes
    T5336:      alloc +3479%
    T9872a:     alloc +78%
    T9872c:     alloc +58%
    T3294:      alloc +49%
    T9872c:     alloc +48%
    T9661:      max_bytes +29%, peak_allocated: +48%
    T6048:      alloc +40%
    T5837:      alloc +17%
    T9872b:     alloc +15%
    T9872a:     alloc +13%
    T9675:      alloc +11%
    WarningWildcardInstantiations: alloc +13%

I'll be starting with T5336.

The full set of testsuite failures that I saw was,

    TEST="landmines tc141 mod71 T6018rnfail rnfail026 readFail003 T7848 T2431 Defer01 T7861 T10284 tcrun044 tcrun043 T9858c rule2 T11077 T8958 Roles13 mdo006 mdo003 T10267 T8031 T7276a T3177a T7064 PolyKinds02 T8566 T7404 T7230 T8616 T7224 T7328 T10503 T7278 T9222 T7438 T7524 T6021 T6123 T3330c T5439 T3330a SimpleFail6 T2627b SimpleFail1a T9171 T2664 T4179 SimpleFail14 T7786 numsparks001 T10403 WarningWildcardInstantiations WildcardInstantiations T10045 UnsatFun Defer02 T7873 T8353 ghci059 T6018ghcirnfail T8674 ghci047 T3208b PushedInAsGivens T9201 T3540 TcCoercibleFail T9109 T9999 tcfail013 T8806 T7734 tcfail014 T8030 T7696 T8603 tcfail113 tcfail032 tcfail057 T2994 tcfail099 T4875 tcfail200 tcfail201 tcfail078 tcfail158 tcfail090 T7368 tcfail058 tcfail196 tcfail197 T5570 FrozenErrorTests tcfail063 tcfail146 T11112 T7778 T7368a T7609 T7410 tcfail004 tcfail005 T5853 T7645 T10285 tcfail002 T7453 tcfail212 T3950 tcfail140 T8262 tcfail161 tcfail160 T9196 T5022 DepFail1 TypeSkolEscape PromotedClass BadTelescope2 RAE_T32a drvfail009 T7959 drvfail005 gadt-escape1 gadt13 gadt7 T9161-2 RAE_T32b KindEqualities2 KindEqualities Rae31 T5536 T3738 MethSharing haddock.Cabal haddock.compiler haddock.base T5030 T9675 T6048 T5631 T9872c T9872a T9872d T9961 T3064 T9872b T1969 T5321Fun T5837 T3294"


- Ben
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