Installing ghc-7.10.2 linux binary distro on SuSE

Kosyrev Serge _deepfire at
Sat Aug 29 22:23:51 UTC 2015

Levent Erkok <erkokl at> writes:
> Hello all,
> I've been having a lot of trouble installing the binary-distro's on a
> SuSE machine. Unfortunately, I don't have root privileges and thus my
> options are rather limited.
> The problem seem to boil down to the use of the function
> pthread_setname_np. It appears the problem was noted before, and Simon
> Marlow added a corresponding configure check for platforms that do not
> have this function. See here:
> Alas, none of the binary distributions listed on
> seem to be
> built against a system that does not have this function. So, I was
> unable to install 7.10.2 successfully. 
> Essentially, I'm looking for a binary distro on SuSE, or with a libc
> that doesn't have the GNU extensions such as pthread_setname_np; if
> anyone would be kind enough to put out such a binary distro, that'd
> really be appreciated.
> (Yes, I tried building from the source; but in the corporate
> environment with so many things controlled, that did not go very far.)

You could try the Nix route, which, conceptually, would boil down to:

1. Installing the Nix package manager into your $HOME on the SuSE system
2. Use Nix to install GHC

Which expands to:

1. Following the instructions at:

2. Invoking:

  nix-env -iA haskellPackages.ghc

This would require only HTTP access, which, I presume, should be
available within the corporate environment.

All the packages from Hackage can be had precompiled from Nixpkgs,
but that's slightly more involved and requires some reading:

Should you meet trouble, you can always seek help either at
nix-dev at, or on the #nixos/ IRC
channel -- both have a vibrant nightlife^W Haskell community.

с уважениeм / respectfully,
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