Status updates

Páli Gábor János pali.gabor at
Wed Sep 3 20:47:55 UTC 2014

2014-09-03 22:31 GMT+02:00 Austin Seipp <austin at>:
>  - Gabor Pali & I had a minor discussion this last week about fixing
> nightly documentation snapshots. We've had complaints about this in
> the past and the prior system totally disappeared, so it will be
> really nice to fix this! Binary snapshots should be possible too, but
> documentation is perhaps the more key thing.

I have not followed up on it, but for your information, I have started
building and publishing snapshots for the GHC documentation here:

It is based on the snapshots provided by the builders I have and it
uses a script that is derived from the mkDocs utility in the source
tree (under "distrib").  As a consequence, the method is a bit
fragile, as it needs at least a Windows and non-Windows build to be
built in order to extract and combine the files from them.
Unfortunately, my Windows builders are not fully stable yet, although
they deemed to be usable enough mostly.

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