Automating GHC build for Windows

Páli Gábor János pali.gabor at
Sat Oct 25 11:26:26 UTC 2014

2014-10-25 2:03 GMT+02:00 Austin Seipp <austin at>:
> As well as that, Gabor's bots
> (at also build on Windows.

Unfortunately, my builders are still suffering from the sudden
breakage induced by a Cabal library update on September 24 [1].  That
is, they are unable to complete the build due to some ghc-cabal
failure right after bootstrapping [2].  As a result, I basically
suspended the builders until I could do something with this.  Yes, I
have just checked it, the situation is still the same.

Curiously, I do not know about others who are experiencing the same
problem, however, the revisions before the referenced commit (mostly)
build just fine.

As of yet, I have not had the time and chance to even attempt to fix
this.   I have already answered Herbert the version of the build
environment (Windows 7 SP1, MinGW from July 4 (32 bit) and February 16
(64 bit), with GHC 7.6.3) -- I do not even know if that was considered
old or problematic.  I am not also sure if the developers involved in
the aforementioned change are aware of this issue and what their
opinion on this is.  I admit that I have not submitted a ticket on
this, perhaps I shall.

Probably I shall also experiment with moving to a newer version of the
toolchain per the recently revamped Windows build instructions in the


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