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Am Mittwoch, den 15.10.2014, 11:06 +0200 schrieb Jan Stolarek:
> I'm all for improving organization of the wiki but I'm not sure about this idea. What happens when 
> a proposal gets implemented? You can't just move the page to a new address. You can create a new 
> wiki page describing the final dsign that was implemented and replace the content of the proposal 
> page with a redirection. But that menas more mess in the wiki namespace.

I think proposal and design pages are (or at least, could be) different
things. In a Proposal, there are alternatives, there are little details,
there are notes about dead end, possibly benchmarks or such justifying a

Once something is implemented, most of that is not immediately
interesting to someone trying to understand the final design (i.e. to
fix a bug). So a good design page would have a structure anyway. And we
already have a namespace for that: Commentary!

So when a Proposal gets implemented, this should be clearly noted at the
top of the Proposal page, linking to the relevant Comentary page (or
paper, if there is one, or Note in the code, if the final design is so
simple that it fits that format). The discussion about the Proposal
would still be there for those who need to do some historical digging,
i.e. when someone suggest a new implementation and we need to check if
that variant was considered in the original implementation.


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