Wiki: special namespace for proposals?

Jacques Carette carette at
Wed Oct 15 12:07:47 UTC 2014

Suggestion:  Why not use the namespace 'Design' rather than 'Proposal'?

Rationale: a Proposal is a proposed design, and a final implementation 
is, well, an implementation of that design.  So what the thing "is" does 
not change, but its status (proposal vs implemented) does.  And, in 
fact, there can even be a third status: obsolete.  In other words "that 
used to be the design". Those should be documented too!

What is needed is a clear signpost, right at the top, which 
differentiates what status a Design is in.


On 2014-10-15 5:06 AM, Jan Stolarek wrote:
> I'm all for improving organization of the wiki but I'm not sure about this idea. What happens when
> a proposal gets implemented? You can't just move the page to a new address. You can create a new
> wiki page describing the final dsign that was implemented and replace the content of the proposal
> page with a redirection. But that menas more mess in the wiki namespace.
> Janek
> Dnia środa, 15 października 2014, Yuras Shumovich napisał:
>> Hello,
>> Would it be better to organize proposals under one namespace? Right now
>> they belongs to root namespace, so title index
>> ( ) is hard to use.
>> I was going to start new page describing language extension, but I don't
>> want do increase entropy even more. What about creating special
>> namespace, e.g. "Proposals"? Probably makes sense to divide if farther?
>> Thanks,
>> Yuras
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