Wiki: special namespace for proposals?

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Wed Oct 15 08:37:54 UTC 2014

I think that would be a fine idea, but it's always hard
- pages change their status (a proposal becomes part of GHC)
- a page may "belong" in multiple places
- people keep URLs in bookmarks, and they are linked from other pages in Trac
  so moving pages is painful.

The last is significant.  Do we leave "this page has moved" stub pages (i.e. still cluttering the TitleIndex).  Or do we move them, and live with dead links.   I'm very un-keen on dead links in Trac itself.  Maybe there is some way to rewrite all of those, at least?

I don't have a strong opinion here


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|  Hello,
|  Would it be better to organize proposals under one namespace? Right
|  now they belongs to root namespace, so title index (
| ) is hard to use.
|  I was going to start new page describing language extension, but I
|  don't want do increase entropy even more. What about creating special
|  namespace, e.g. "Proposals"? Probably makes sense to divide if
|  farther?
|  Thanks,
|  Yuras
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