GHC filepath sync

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Fri Nov 21 17:13:16 UTC 2014


As part of the forthcoming GHC release, I assume the filepath library
will be sync'd to the latest version in the GitHub repo? When will
that sync happen? Who will do the sync? When is the last time I can
make changes that go into GHC 7.10? What should I be doing to help? As
this is my first time, any details would be most appreciated.

When the library is next sync'd, the filepath library will need to be
removed from the GHC test suite. The reason is mostly pragmatic - I
have good coverage of a library which is entirely pure list
manipulations, and the GHC test infrastructure slowed down improving
the tests, while gaining nothing. In particular, GHC has been testing
the library for years, but the tests got turned off about 4 years ago,
so there were (non-critical) test failures that went unspotted for

Thanks, Neil

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