Building GHC on Windows

kyra kyrab at
Thu Mar 13 12:04:11 UTC 2014

On 3/13/2014 15:48, Jan Stolarek wrote:
> Thanks. I installed msys but again I faced the same problem. I solved it by copying mingw
> directory from ghc-7.6.3 distribution to inplace/mingw subdirectory in the source tree. That's
> silly but it works.
I suspect this is because you've cloned repo under system other than 
windows and thus didn't clone ghc-tarballs repo.
> Now I have problems with installing alex and happy. I followed steps on wiki page, ie. downloaded
> cabal.exe and added it to path. I can run 'cabal update' and 'cabal install alex happy' but it
> looks like packages are not installed in my home directory (home under msys shell that is). Any
> idea where are they installed so that I can add them to path?
AFAIUI, default prefix is 

But I'd recommend to install things to predefined location, using 
--prefix option of cabal, e.g. thus:
cabal install --global --prefix=<location> --datadir=<location>
to avoid potential problems with national chars in username. This 
problem existed in the past, not sure it exists now, though.


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