GHC 7.8 release

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Wed Mar 12 15:29:02 UTC 2014

I can provide help on #8834 because I know what was done in the commit that introduced the bug. 
But I don't have Windows so I'm afraid we still need someone to do the actual work.


Dnia środa, 12 marca 2014, Simon Peyton Jones napisał:
> Friends
> The status of the GHC 7.8 release is here
> Alas we are
> currently stalled on #8870, #8834: we are getting seg-faults on Windows. 
> (For example, on my laptop, the stage2 compiler seg-faults when compiling
> some (but not all) files.  Although few people develop GHC on Windows, many
> people *use* GHC on Windows, so we can't really release in this state. We
> need help!  Austin is trying, but it's all working on his Windows build.  
> He's trying to get more machines to see if he can reproduce the failure
> there. Does anyone feel able to help?  Even git-bisecting to find the
> offending commit would be a huge help.  In principle I can do that (at two
> hours per bisection) but I was defeated by an out-of-sync Haddock.  I need
> to know how to remove Haddock from the build altogether.  But others are
> far more skilled than me. On #8834 Simon M speculates that we may have the
> callee-saves register wrong on Win64.  Does anyone feel up to looking into
> that? Until we find what's going on, 7.8 is stalled.
> Thanks!
> Simon

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