GHC 7.8 release

Kyra kyrab at
Wed Mar 12 15:35:57 UTC 2014

On 12.03.2014 19:04, Simon Peyton Jones wrote:
> Alas we are currently stalled on #8870, #8834: we are getting 
> seg-faults on Windows. (For example, on my laptop, the stage2 compiler 
> seg-faults when compiling some (but not all) files. Although few 
> people develop GHC on Windows, many people **use** GHC on Windows, so 
> we can’t really release in this state.
> We need help! Austin is trying, but it’s all working on his Windows 
> build. He’s trying to get more machines to see if he can reproduce the 
> failure there.
> Does anyone feel able to help? Even git-bisecting to find the 
> offending commit would be a huge help.
As I've already wrote in comments to #8834 I can't reproduce #8870 using 
32-bit GHC on 64-bit Windows OS. Both of my machines have only 64-bit 
Windows installed. So no help here, sorry.
> On #8834 Simon M speculates that we may have the callee-saves register 
> wrong on Win64. Does anyone feel up to looking into that?
After reading Simon M comment I've looked into win64 documentation and 
`includes/stg/MachRegs.h` file. Perhaps, I've missed something, but I've 
seen nothing wrong there, `includes/stg/MachRegs.h` is even a bit too 
conservative regarding windows. I probably could help, but this would 
require a lot of learning of Cmm-related things (I've made reverting 
patch completely mechanically), so I'd want to know that nobody else 
would work on this.

Sorry for strange empty messages from me. Something wrong happened with 
my Thunderbird.


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