GHC contribution guidelines and infrastructure talk on 6th September at HIW?

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Tue Jul 22 01:02:30 UTC 2014

On a related front... I don't have a talk to give (hence I didn't submit a
proposal)... But I'd love it if some of us could have a group discussion
about coordinating releases, and our approach to putting out "Haskell":

In short, we see it as several related peices (GHC, Cabal, Haddock, core
libs, platform, etc...) but my guess is that most developers considering
using Haskell see it as one thing: "Can I haz the Haskellz on my machine?
kthxbai?" Therefore, I think we could put some thought into how we manage
these pieces into a cohesive whole whose release more or less "just works".

Not sure if this should be a "session", a "workshop", a long hallway
disucssion, a night of good food and beer, or what. I'm happy to put some
effort into organizing, and setting the context for the discussion.

- Mark
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