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Austin Seipp austin at
Mon Jul 21 13:48:43 UTC 2014

Hello *,

Here are some updates from this past week.

 - I sent an email earlier about 7.10.1 tickets - please vote on them!

 - Related to that - as I said last week, I finished remilestoning a
lot of tickets, but more remain. Please excuse any mail spam, but do
pay attention to your bugs if they change!

 - I cleaned up some tabs and whitespace in the compiler in
low-activity areas. You may have seen the commits go by, but otherwise
it shouldn't be a problem. I'll probably keep eliminating errors in
low-contention areas of the codebase as I can. Ditto with 'arc lint'.

 - I've cleaned up a bunch of wiki pages relating to the git
repositories, and submodule management, but more stuff remains. See
below for my reply to Simon.

 - I've been lazy about the Applicative-Monad work, since some of it
fell out of date. But now other work is pending on it, so it's time to
finish it Real Soon Now.

 - I'm working out some of the kinks in the Phabricator automation for
builds etc, but it's not quite done yet - sorry!

Here are some things I plan to do this week, roughly in order of priority:

 - I'm going to keep cleaning up these Git pages to make them more
sensible, since some of the information is still wrong. Please see the
comments below this and let me know what's wrong!

 - I will finalize these Phabricator things, which I should be able to
get done with soon. This is all mostly annoying HTTP endpoint and
PHP/Python stuff and is a bit of a chore to test/setup completely.

 - I am going to spend time next on landing AMP and get it back into
shape.  Yes, really landing it; I need to send something upstream to
Cabal still.

 - The patch queue on Trac needs to be drained and slipped my mind.

 - Given all that I'll also probably end up continuing to fix lint
errors, and hopefully fix bugs based on what people want in 7.10. :)

Below is a quick recap of what me and Simon discussed last week,
mostly stuff from the above:

> ·         Complete re-milestoning. Then email ghc-devs and ghc-users [send a draft to Simon & Simon first]
>o   Giving links to suitable query(s)
>o   Saying that any ticket that isn’t
>a)      milestoned 7.8.4 or 7.10.1, and
>b)      high or highest priority,
>isn’t going to get attended to by us.
>o   Inviting them to bid (on the ticket) for high/highest 7.10.1 status, explaining why it is important to them.   And  that it’s more likely to be done if they help.

I sent this mail earlier - please bid on 7.10.1 tickets!

>  ·         Trac/Phab integration

Doing this in a complete manner is turning out to be a bit of work and
I haven't gotten done yet with having comments appear on tickets just
yet. My goal is to have it so that when you say 'arc diff', you can
put the words:

    Trac: #9832, #9123

into the review, and it will auto appear on Phabricator as a custom
field, hyperlink it, and then a comment will appear on Trac. I have to
write some PHP and Python on both ends to get this all working,

Also the builder script is currently really crappy, so I'm fixing that
a bit, so it will correctly deal with concurrent builds and multiple

> ·         Document how to update a submodule; e.g. haddock
> o   We worked through an example
> o   We need a canonical place on the wiki to say which branch GHC should be tracking on the submodule; and how to check that it is
> o   Need to talk to haddock and cabal folk about whether GHC should track master or a branch in their repo. They may want a more stable branch to work on.
> ·         Wiki pages
> o   Be sure to update, to include simple cloning story
> o   Consolidate “how to use Git” information into WorkingConventions/Git, perhaps headed “Git workflows”.  Merging WorkingConventions/Git with the Git/Submodules page will make it intimidatingly long.
> §  Think about how to split it up.
> §  Tricks should be on a separate page.
> §  Focus on tasks, not technology
> o   wiki:Repositories page says where everything lives, but not how to use them.
> §  Needs updating to have the correct data.
> §  Also integrate

This is now done with a first draft. I think I simplified the pages a
lot. See here:


I plan on obsoleting the old Repositories pages since they're mostly
redundant and out of date now. There may be more info stuffed into
other places, but I imagine it will stay under this hierarchy.

There are still some links and prose that need to be rewritten that I
obviously missed however.

> ·         Merge AMP stuff.  Should be done now.  (Without join in Monad for now, #9123.)

Unfortunately this is still pending a few things, so I haven't gotten
it done yet. :(

> o   Maybe make the bug tracker page easier to find.
> §  Move from “Joining in” side-bar to “Documentation” and list it as “Working conventions”
> §  Move newcomer material from wiki:WorkingConventions to wiki:Newcomers, and put *that* under “Joining in”
> Now the bug tracker stuff is in Working Conventions, easier to find.

This has all been done.


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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