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Austin Seipp austin at
Mon Jul 28 13:48:22 UTC 2014

Hello *,

Here are some notes on what I've done in the past week, and what I
plan on doing going forward:

 - First and foremost, I made a bunch of improvements to
Phabricator/Trac. Now, most noticeably:

  1) Phabricator has a field for GHC trac tickets. You can specify
this when you run 'arc diff', and it will appear on the Differential
Revision. By default if you run 'arc diff', this field appears at the
bottom, below 'Subscribers:'.

  2) Phabricator now supports Trac markup syntax - if you say '#7602'
in a trac ticket, this turns into a hyperlink with the text "Trac
#7602" and links to the ticket.

  3) The IRC bot on #ghc can now look up Trac tickets for you (this is
mostly only relevant to those of us there)

 - The final piece of this whole story is actually getting Phabricator
to *comment* on Trac. This is almost done, but due to the fact I'm
writing PHP (and thus have absolutely no idea what I'm doing) the code
still seems slightly broken somewhere since it's one of the larger
parts of the Phabricator integration. Hopefully I can finish this

  I will say though - thank you Herbert for helping me figure out the
Trac XML/RPC plugin, and getting it working for me!

 - Another Phabricator related thing: I've begun working on a better
Harbormaster build backend - it will actually report failures, support
concurrent builds, and give you stderr in log results! Yay!

 - I took some time to further clean up the Git wiki page following
last week, but only made minor progress here.

 - The patch queue is, in fact, being drained as we speak! I have a
whole bunch of incoming patches from contributors running under
./validate as I write this, including some cleanup commits too (to
detab/whitespace things). Not all of them, but a good chunk I could
fit in that were low-impact and correct.

 - I have not finished AMP. :( This is quickly going to be my #1
priority before fixing any bugs because at this point, it's holding up
other `base` improvements (Edward K, I'm sure, is getting a bit fiddly
about this getting done :)

This week:

 - Before fixing *any* new bugs myself, I'm going to finish AMP,
because it's a blocker for others including Edward, Simon, and future
base improvements. I'm thinking I may just do this before any more
Phabricator improvements.

 - I will hopefully finish the Trac and Phabricator setup soon. at the
very least I want to get the comment updates working. I'll probably
continue with the build system shenannigans sometime after.

 - The wiki pages and Git stuff still need more cleanup to streamline
them. This will be happening when I get a chance (Herbert already
improved some things I touched last week - Thanks!)


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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