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Mon Jul 14 16:28:04 UTC 2014

Cherished GHC devs,

GHC has long since exceeded the modest capacities of GHC HQ, even before Simon M's move to Facebook.  But in fact Simon's move simply made clearer something that was already true, namely that GHC is *mainly* reliant on the committed support of its developer community (i.e. you).  I am hugely grateful for all that you do, as are all Haskell users -- thank you.

I'm happy to say that Microsoft Research is continuing to fund Well Typed to offer front-line support for GHC, which currently takes the visible and energetic form of Austin.  He and Simon and I have a weekly Skype call to coordinate what we are going to do.

However, I feel that we have been less good at communicating with all of you, about what Austin is currently doing, and what we plan to do, when.  This has been particular visible recently, when the 7.8 releases have been repeatedly delayed, often with good reason, but we haven't been very good about keeping you in the loop.

So henceforth Austin is going to send you a weekly roundup, on Mondays, saying
	- what he has been up to
	- what he plans to do this week
	- what he'd like help with
I'm hoping that this will help to keep you all better informed.  Perhaps you can do the same when you are actively working on things.

Keeping accurate, timely, and friendly communication going among GHC developers is very important.  Please yell if it's going wrong, and suggest ways to make it better.

Thanks again


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| Hello all,
| I've been lax on the status updates, but better late than never. :)
| Here are some things that I've been up to.
|  - 7.8.3 is released! Hooray!
|  - Phabricator can now build code reviews if you submit them. I sent an
| email about this earlier in the week[1] in case you missed it.
| Unfortunately it has a rather stupid bug that it doesn't catch stderr
| properly, but I'll fix that soon. :)
|  - I also spent some time on trying to get Phabricator to post to Trac
| (when a code review for a ticket is posted), but to no avail yet.
| Hopefully I'll have this done in the next few days.
|  - I spent a few hours yesterday and on Saturday on the AMP work still,
| because I missed a few things actually (broken deriving mechanism due
| to forgetting some changes). I also need to send one more patch to
| Cabal upstream I believe, but otherwise things look OK.
| I'll post a new code review today when I've finished.
|  - This morning I've combed some tickets and remilestoning stuff, since
| there was a *lot* left around for 7.6.2 still! This should all be
| fixed. I'll keep doing this today and this morning probably.
|  - I want to reorganize the wiki pages around the Git repository, and I
| have been meaning to do this, but not gotten around to it yet. :(
| Some other things on my mind:
|  - When I released 7.8.3, I noticed we have a whole bunch of new
| upstream distribution packages now, but the download page for those is
| pretty out of date I think.[2] That should probably be updated.
|  - There are patches in the Trac queue I need to get done with. If I've
| ignored your patch I'm sorry! I'll try to get this done quickly.
|  - Johan reminded me about D4 this morning[3] which I still need to
| merge upstream after addressing the details in the review.
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| [3]:
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| Regards,
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