Cabal release for 7.8

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Wed Feb 5 04:07:07 UTC 2014

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 11:21 PM, Herbert Valerio Riedel
<hvriedel at>wrote:

> On 2014-02-04 at 06:10:24 +0100, Johan Tibell wrote:
> > I guess we need one last cabal release for 7.8? Are we ready for that
> now,
> > or do you expect any more 7.8 change that will require cabal changes?
> The RC1 has just started, and I'd rather wait a little more till we're
> closer to a final release...
> PS: We'll also need a 'cabal-install' release, as the current
>     doesn't build with GHC 7.8RC1

I will make one as soon as the last Cabal release is out. Please let me
know when you're ready for that.

PS2: would it be possible to have
>      picked up for 1.18 (assuming it applies cleanly)? It would make it
>      easier to generate documentation tarballs for uploading to Hackage
>      w/o needing to 'sed' away all 'file:///' prefixes.

This is already in the 1.18 branch as
1eb2181fae2b706ee8024d3f8fef104b5089b1a9. I intend to release the following
in the last patch release in the 1.18 series:

0d5ffeb91075739246627da17bda945aedc6a427 Disable
TemplateHaskell/{dynamic,profiling} tests on Travis.
ee6d1cf5cefe18f6d74ed379af21d92f8b0ae92d Don't use -dylib-install-name on
OS X with GHC > 7.8.
e97aa58f68519db54de1c62339459ebb88aed069 Add some more OS aliases.
1eb2181fae2b706ee8024d3f8fef104b5089b1a9 Fix the haddock --html-location=
for relative URLs
43f1e2a5a81688eb186102c684bb4d134ca3c63a Add CPP pragma to D.Simple.Setup
8aea1f994c526f0f43ac5b1b29b04e9ab4565b01 Bump Cabal version number to
cb0ad7a77457ef77c34ab4b6d54e2bdc5a972fa1 Default 'library-for-ghci' to True
on Windows.
345650535993522a0fd75a53a4c681c5d3027030 Small warning.
8d168c5fbbcd01ce0c5ff3d9c4a959b4c0819746 Documentation fix.
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