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I want just to say thank you for thinking about this.  We badly need better nightly-builds for GHC, on a variety of platforms
a) to identify regressions, preferably to the actually commit that
   caused it, so Austin's big red message can go to the right person
b) to create binary snapshots that people can use without having to
   build GHC from scratch

Ian invested quite a bit of effort in a home-grown system to do just that, and I have no idea of how it stacks up against more widely-supported systems. 

These days GHC HQ is really just ghc-devs.  So please go right ahead... if you can converge to a solution and implement it, that'd be great.



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| Am Sonntag, den 26.01.2014, 19:18 -0600 schrieb Austin Seipp:
| > Disregard all this, upon closer inspection I see you only wanted
| > ./validate anyway.* :)
| >
| > * But it still will hurt more when you add in low-powered builders.
| right, I did not want to highjack the thread with my wishlist.
| And even then I would not want low-powered builders, but rather one
| strong, “most typical” setup. I think it would already by a big win if
| we ensured statically (heh) that every change to master has been
| validated completely once somewhere. And if for changes like the one I
| liked (removing dead code), as a developer I don’t have to laboriously
| enforce this invariant (which I obviously then didn’t do), but can rely
| on the safety nets of the infrastructure.
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