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Wed Dec 10 15:47:31 UTC 2014

The image I created is designed to mount your source code into the image.

You could certainly stick the source code in the image. do a make, and then
distribute that docker image.
The problem is now: how do you modify files with Emacs?
Before it was easy: the source code is mounted from your file system, so
you just edit it like you normally would.
There may be solutions here, particularly if everyone is comfortable with
using the same few editors. I did put vim into this docker image to have
something to edit commit messages with when using arc (although it is
probably a better workflow to use arc from the host).

Another problem with this approach of course is that you have to download
all the binaries that were built (you don't have to re-download anything
else), which will be slow for some.

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> Hello,
>> Hacking on GHC for the first time is death by a thousand cuts.
>> Any one part of the process is not that bad, but as a whole the process
>> is very cumbersome for someone new.
> With the docker image, would it be possible to distribute pre-built
> versions of the GHC source tarball? Maybe phabricator could do this? The
> biggest overhead for me always is that compiling the source the first time
> takes something like 2 hours (even without optimizations) on my machine. If
> there was a pre-built version, I could just change one file and only
> recompile what I changed.
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> Benno
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