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On Wed, Dec 10 2014, Herbert Valerio Riedel <hvriedel at> wrote:
> On 2014-12-09 at 23:47:01 +0100, Greg Weber wrote:
>> I added documentation to
>> and linked
>> from
> Btw, you write
>> This way you can still hack on GHC with Emacs, etc, but you are just
>> building from the docker container.
> ...does that mean you can't invoke `make` directly from within Emacs via
> `M-x haskell-compile`?

I'm confused by this. Is it possible to compile ghc with haskell-compile
(e.g. cabal build)? Or did you simply mean 'compile (e.g. `make` as you
said). When I use haskell-compile I get errors[0] whereas make builds

For what it's worth, I usually have a very easy time setting up and
building ghc. Navigating and testing the code is a bit more difficult
for me. The tricky part was remembering to update my to compile
stage 2 only after the initial make.


[0] - Module `Packages` does not export `pprPackages`...

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