Phabricator updates

Arash Rouhani rarash at
Mon Aug 4 19:28:32 UTC 2014

Thanks for the nice documentation! :)


On 2014-08-04 14:57, Austin Seipp wrote:
> Hello *,
> I've spent the morning re-jiggering our Phabricator documentation:
> It now includes:
>   - More screenshots!
>   - Coverage of core applications, including Owners, and better
> coverage of Herald
>   - Coverage of the new remarkup syntax
>   - Better tips
>   - Linking issues in Phabricator to Trac issues
> I particularly think people will find 'Owners' very useful, in
> combination with Herald. I have already organized a lot of the GHC
> source tree into 'Owner packages' and assigned owners. If you're
> working on the compiler, please go tweak those and add yourself as an
> owner of some part of the compiler!
> In particular the last one is the one you'll want to note the most.
> When you run `arc diff` now, you can associate a differential revision
> with a ticket. Here's the documentation with a nice big screenshot:
> The TL;DR is when you run `arc diff`, just fill out the new "GHC Trac
> Issues" field and it'll be linked. As a bonus, it'll automatically
> show up in commit messages, and be hyperlinked in Phabricator
> appropriately.
> Note: Phabricator does not yet comment on Trac still, sorry. I didn't
> get around to it this week.
> Please let me know if anything is confusing. I'm sure I need to expand
> on stuff; in particular I still need to do another pass, adding some
> screenshots for Audit, and some of the "Philosophy of Phabricator" on
> how you may want to submit reviews and think about organizing your
> work.
> Thanks.

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