Performance failures

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Wed Sep 18 16:59:58 UTC 2013

I've been getting failures from a few performance test:

 - haddock.base (stat too good - allocation has decreased). I see that allocation was bumped yesterday by Joachim due to changes in printf implementation. For me this causes a failure. Actual bytes allocated: 6294339840
 - T5837. Stat too low - allocation increased. This one is failing on my machine since the AMP patch (BTW. - it only fails durng ./validate, never when run separately). Actual bytes allocated: 90587232.

I've adjusted the numbers so that tests pass on my machine, but I expect they might start failing on other systems. If they do, please report in this thread and post numbers that you are getting - we'll try to work out a reasonable average.


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