7.8 Release Update

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 12 22:49:38 UTC 2013

|  also helps keep the history clean. An easy way to do this is:
|  $ git checkout master
|  $ git merge --squash type-nats-simple
|  Then the changes will be on your branch, uncommitted, and a simple
|  'git commit ...' should let you make a big commit and write up some
|  explanation.

Woo.  I'd never heard of that.   Sounds really useful.

Please Git experts, can you document some of these helpful workflows for us ingnoramuses!  A series of headings "To do X..." followed by a how-to like the above, with a bit of explanation of when to use it and what is going on.  Would be v helpful!


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