simd branch ready for review

Geoffrey Mainland mainland at
Mon Feb 4 23:09:08 CET 2013

On 02/04/2013 09:34 PM, Carter Schonwald wrote:
> I'm really excited to see this merged in! Props on all involved
> question 1: Will this be included in the upcoming 7.8 release?

Yes, that's the plan!

> question 2: I see that some of the useful (albeit specialized) SSE
> primops aren't included, though it looks like adding them (at least
> for platforms that support them) would be largely mechanical..... If
> adding those primops is something GHC HQ would welcome (ignoring the
> sorting out the whole supporting SSE2 vs full AVX discussion), I'm
> more than happy to spend some time turning the crank to add those
> primops.

I'd like to figure out how to properly support having the set of
available primops depend on the dynamic flags before adding too much
more. I'll be speaking to Simon PJ about it tomorrow.

Do you have specific needs for any missing primops? If so, I'd like to
know---customers are good :)

We talked a while ago about you possibly cooking up some sample programs
that needed SSE instructions. Have there been any recent developments?


> thanks
> -Carter Schonwald
> On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 4:46 AM, Geoffrey Mainland
<mainland at> wrote:
> On 02/02/2013 09:37 AM, Karel Gardas wrote:
> > On 02/ 1/13 09:19 AM, Geoffrey Mainland wrote:
> >> As an aside, what's the proper way for me to test the ARM
> >> cross-compilation support? I'm afraid my patches may break things
> >> there.
> >
> > I've seen you've merged your changes into mainline so I've done a
> > build of GHC HEAD on my arm/linux and it's gone fine so you've not
> > broken anything -- at least from the build perspective.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Karel
> Thanks for the confirmation. I followed the instructions for building
> the Raspberry Pi cross GHC and tested the simd branch before I merged,
> but I'm glad to know I didn't break anything obvious for you either!
> Geoff

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