NOTICE: The Big Gitolite Switch

Austin Seipp aseipp at
Fri Aug 9 19:32:31 CEST 2013

Hello all,

Herbert and I have decided to do the Gitolite migration today, since
it's a slow Friday and there should be small impact overall.

We will be performing the switch at 8:30pm UTC/GMT, which is almost
exactly three hours from now. We expect it will take less than thirty

For all active developers, the changes you should follow are here, to
get your new push URLs working correctly:

For all people who cloned the tree: you don't need to do anything. The
old URIs will continue to work.

Finally, for the record, after the switch we will have a lot of great
improvements thanks to Herbert, including:

 * Smart HTTP access for git, which should make cloning over HTTP fast
(in case you're behind a firewall.)
 * git protocol access, for fast clones and development. Cloning GHC
via git:// takes less than 25 seconds.
 * A brand-new gitweb interface, which can be located at - note the CNAME entry for the domain isn't there yet.
We're waiting to get the entry in place so you can use it.

Let me know if any questions or concerns. Thanks!

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 12:46 PM, Austin Seipp <aseipp at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Following our proposal from about a week ago, Herbert and I plan to
> make the Gitolite migration happen Real Soon Now. If possible, we
> would actually like to have it happen tomorrow, although that's
> understandably a bit too short of a window of warning perhaps.
> However, commit activity has been low the past two weeks, so sometime
> in the next few days is probably the best window (Simon gets back
> August 15th, so we would like something in place by then.)
> We already have just about everything in place I believe. This is a
> final call for anyone who might need shell access or something of the
> sorts. I envision the plan will go like this:
>  * We will turn off push access to the repositories, AND turn off
> shell access, by revoking SSH keys temporarily from everyone in the
> 'darcs' group (don't worry, there will be backups.)
>  * I'll take everyone who has committed to any of the repositories in
> the last 1yr and add them to the new setup. That'll cover most of the
> current group, I think. There may be some people who were recently
> added but haven't committed yet. I'll try to remember everyone, but
> please yell if there is a problem.
>  * We'll make the switch to gitolite by reinstating the SSH keys that
> are already there, and reopen the tree.
> We WILL NOT be deleting the existing user accounts. I don't want to
> possibly destroy something left there. Instead, if you would like, you
> can just email me and I'll re-add your key if necessary to get your
> stuff back.
> I expect this will be a very short and easy migration. Herbert has
> already given details of changing your existing trees via ./sync-all
> as well:
> I will follow up with a reply to this email containing precise details
> on the switch, including the expected downtime window, and what time
> it will be happening. Please let me know if you have questions or
> concerns.
> --
> Regards,
> Austin - PGP: 4096R/0x91384671

Austin - PGP: 4096R/0x91384671

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