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Manuel M. T. Chakravarty chak at
Wed Jul 3 20:52:12 EDT 2002

Ashley Yakeley <ashley at> wrote,

> TeX and PostScript are very difficult to deal with if you don't have a 
> printer. 

I recommend to use

for PostScript files.

> I can convert the PS to PDF, but of course TeX has its own font 
> system that generates bitmaps, that end up illegible in Acrobat unless 
> you expand it to around 48pt.

I have just put a PDF version of the document on the web
site that displays fine in Acrobat.  (I used pdflatex to
generate it as suggested by Malcolm.)

> Would it be possible to provide addenda to the Report in the same formats 
> the Report itself is available in, or at least something online-friendly? 
> Even plain text wouldn't be so bad.

Yes, the plan is to have a HTML form eventually.  I just
didn't get around to this yet.  (The time that I have to
work on this at the moment, I'd rather put into finishing
Version 1.0 off.)

Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at> wrote,

> Note to authors: HeVeA is an excellent LaTeX->HTML converter, and it's
> even written in a functional language (OCaml).

Thanks.  I'll have a look at that.

Ashley Yakeley <ashley at> wrote,

> I'm getting LaTeX errors:
> ! LaTeX Error: File `grammar.sty' not found.
> etc.
> This is turning into a little porting/debugging project, just to read a 
> documentation file.

If you had had a look at where the error occurs, you would
have found the following note:

 \usepackage{grammar}  % Get it from 

George Russell <ger at> wrote,

> I much prefer HTML to PDF, LaTeX or PS.   I can set the
> font size to be comfortable for my eyes while still
> leaving space on my screen for an XEmacs window.  Also you
> can do text searches of HTML.

There is no question that we definitely have to have an HTML
version of the document.  It's just that I'd rather deal
with the comments/suggestions regarding the content first.

(There isn't much LaTeX magic to deal with in the document.
Mostly the grammar displays and code pieces - where
converters like latex2html tend to screw up.)


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