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Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Aug 12 04:52:08 EDT 2002

> > (no, I'm not sure why they're in the C section of the FFI
> > spec either).
> Because they are for implementing calls to C code in Haskell
> that is compiled to .NET ILX.
> This doesn't mean that I want to necessarily defend them,
> but this was the reason for their inclusion.  Essentially,
> SimonPJ was saying that to compile Haskell including "foreign
> import ccall"s to .NET ILX, we need the library spec.
> I am not too fussed about .NET, so don't mind if we nuke the
> [lib] specs (as Alastair already did in the CVS version of
> the spec).

Under .NET each DLL has its own namespace, so the [lib] spec is needed
to disambiguate.  Since it's a namespace issue, I'd feel better if on
.NET the name of the C function took a different form (perhaps
<lib>.<function>) and [lib] is removed from the spec.

BTW I didn't know the spec was in CVS somewhere... where exactly?


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