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Alastair Reid alastair at
Mon Aug 12 07:07:02 EDT 2002

> Under .NET each DLL has its own namespace, so the [lib] spec is
> needed to disambiguate.  Since it's a namespace issue, I'd feel
> better if on .NET the name of the C function took a different form
> (perhaps <lib>.<function>) and [lib] is removed from the spec.

Isn't that just a different syntax for the same thing?

The thing I don't understand here is why .net issues affect the ccall
calling convention and not the dotnet calling convention?

I'm totally happy with defining dotnet to be ccall plus [lib] (or
lib.) specifications (much as stdcall is defined as a small delta on
ccall).  I know what that means and it is implementable on platforms
which support dotnet.  It is trying to make C fit into the .net scheme
of things which causes problems.

> BTW I didn't know the spec was in CVS somewhere... where exactly?


(and don't forget the grammar.sty file I pointed at in the commit message)


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