Cabal File Pretty Printer

Erik Hesselink hesselink at
Thu Feb 27 19:23:59 UTC 2014

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 4:01 PM, Johan Tibell <johan.tibell at> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 3:51 PM, Tillmann Rendel
> <rendel at> wrote:
>>  1. change `cabal init` to use the pretty printer.
>>  2. expose the pretty printer at the command line.
> Agreed on both points. We should add (2) as `cabal format` (similar to
> go-fmt) or something like that.

I would love to have this, it would make editing cabal files with
tools much more appealing. What would be ideal would be a way to edit
the files while preserving whitespace. But I know from
haskell-src-exts that this is a very tricky thing to get right.



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