[Hackage] #742: build-depends in Executable sections are unexpectedly global

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#742: build-depends in Executable sections are unexpectedly global
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 When I have two executable sections, it seems that the build-depends of
 one are used in the other. For example, the following:

 Cabal-Version: >= 1.2

 Name:       state
 Version:    0.1
 Build-type: Simple

 Executable state-tf
   Main-is: Main.hs
   Build-depends: base, transformers, monads-tf

 Executable state-mtl
   Main-is: Main.hs
   Build-depends: base, mtl

 module Main where

 import Control.Monad.State

 main = print $ runState (put ()) undefined

 fails to compile:
 Preprocessing executables for state-0.1...
 Building state-0.1...

     Ambiguous module name `Control.Monad.State':
       it was found in multiple packages: monads-tf- mtl-

 If this is intended (which I doubt) it's at least confusing.

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