[Hackage] #688: no indication that configuration file location is configurable (was: hard-coded path to configuration file)

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#688: no indication that configuration file location is configurable
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Comment(by duncan):

 I'm not quite sure why you say it is non-standard. It's the standard unix
 place to put per-user application files. Where would you consider to be a
 standard location?

 You can use:
 cabal --config-file=... [command] [flags]
 So it should work to use a shell alias, something like
 alias cabal="cabal --config-file=..."

 So really the bug here is not that it's hard coded (since it's not) but
 that these global flags are not easily discoverable. We don't list them
 all in the global --help so as not to clutter things, but then we need a
 way to let people know that there are extra global options and provide a
 way to get the help for them via some extended --help thing.

 So let us know about:
  * what you think the standard location should be
  * if that shell alias (or whatever equivalent you choose to use) works ok

 and we should open another ticket on providing extended help for the
 global flags.

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