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#527: CPP not called before ffihugs
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 When building for Hugs, if CPP is being used in conjunction with FFI, then
 is not called before ffihugs is called. Thus, users must pass an
 -F flag to ffihugs in order to declare a code filter (and must pass
 all cpp-options to -F manually). For example:

 {{{ --ffihugs-option=-F'cpp -P -traditional -D__HUGS__ -D__BLAH__' }}}

 This requires duplicating the build specifications, which defeats
 the point of Cabal. Also it leads to tricky issues about ensuring
 the proper level of quoting/escaping. (e.g. using the plural,
 --ffihugs-options=..., breaks it. Wrapping the -F'cpp...' in double
 quotes breaks it.)

 A simple example of this bug can be seen in Darcs repo

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