[Hackage] #528: Permissions on "cabal fetch" files too tight

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Sat Mar 21 09:19:48 EDT 2009

#528: Permissions on "cabal fetch" files too tight
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 13:54 <twb> Why has cabal seemingly ignored my umask and made files in
 /home/twb/.cabal/packages unreadable by the "nobody" user?
 00:14 <dcoutts> ah, I think I know
 00:14 <dcoutts> it's the writeFileAtomic function
 00:14 <dcoutts> are you using Cabal HEAD or 1.6?
 00:15 <twb> whatever cabal upgrade gave me, I think
 00:15 <dcoutts> we create a temp file and rename it over the dest
 00:15 <twb> Probably not HEAD
 00:15 <dcoutts> but the System.Directory function to create a temp file
 makes it readable only by the current user
 00:16 <dcoutts> file a ticket, so we don't forget

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