[Hackage] #526: hugs-options aren't passed to ffihugs

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#526: hugs-options aren't passed to ffihugs
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 Options in hugs-options aren't passed through to ffihugs, most
 importantly -98 and +o are the ones we'd like to pass. For enabling
 the +o flag Hugs-Sept06 does not honor:

  * pragma    {-# LANGUAGE !OverlappingInstances #-}
  * pragma    {-# OPTIONS_HUGS +o #-}
  * cabal     extensions: !OverlappingInstances

 And the -98 flag has similar issues. Therefore this is a real

 Immediate solution: The options set in hugs-options should be passed
 to ffihugs as well. As of Cabal 1.6 they are not passed (verified
 by Duncan Coutts). The two programs accept all the same options,
 so this is valid.

 Ideal solution: Based on the extensions field, Cabal should
 automatically determine whether -98 and +o need to be enabled (for
 both hugs and ffihugs).

 A simple example demonstrating this bug can be found in Darcs repo

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