[Hackage] #189: Handle framework paths (-F) in Cabal

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#189: Handle framework paths (-F) in Cabal
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Ghcversion:  6.8.2          |     Platform:  Mac OS 
Comment (by guest):

 > So far, I've seen no application of the -framework-path of ghc (except
 maybe to pass `$HOME/Library/Frameworks`) and also no use of the
 package.conf entry `frameworkDirs` (I think, it may be nuked.) Frameworks
 are usually in standard places.
 > Christian (.Maeder at dfki.de)

 When I was testing problems with `GNUreadline.framework`, I often wanted a
 way to link against a second version of the framework in a nonstandard
 location.  For example, if I was booting ghc-6.9 with ghc-6.2, I wanted
 ghc-6.2 to use the old version of `GNUreadline.framework` but ghc-6.9 to
 use the new version.  So I definitely think it's useful.

 But I would be happy with Duncan's suggestion to make it a configure flag
 instead of a .cabal file field, as long as:
  1. Cabal provides that functionality automatically (without me having to
 manually edit an autoconf script)
  2.  The results of that flag end up in ghc's `package.conf`
 `frameworkDirs` field.


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