patch applied (cabal): First pass at parsing .cabal files as UTF8

Ross Paterson ross at
Sun Feb 24 19:52:15 EST 2008

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 08:49:04PM +0000, Duncan Coutts wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-02-24 at 18:28 +0000, Ross Paterson wrote:
> > text/plain output (used by cabal upload) will need some work, though.
> > I'm not sure what the deal is with charset negotiation.
> Yeah, me neither. I know it's possible in principle but no idea how to
> do it. It may not be possible through the CGI interface.

I think I just need to check the Accept-Charset header as well as Accept.
I could probably cope with us-ascii or iso-8859-1 (replacing higher Chars)
or utf-8.  Not as vital as the HTML output, though.

> BTW, I notice the new tags stuff on hackage. I was originally thinking
> we would use "x-" extra fields in the .cabal file for that kind of
> thing. They're now parsed an exposed as [(name,value)] in the
> PackageDescription. The main thing preventing that at the moment is we
> don't have a pretty printer for package descriptions, at least not one
> that works.
> Otherwise, all the stuff about wanting to edit package descriptions
> after upload, eg to edit the description, add extra links etc could be
> done that way (with suitable authentication). And the extra tags we'll
> want like:
> HAppS/0.8.4/HAppS.cabal:
> x-hackage-superceded-by: HAppS-Server

The tags stuff was just a quick hack, but in general my preference is
to keep the additional data outside of the package, so that what one
downloads under a particular package-id is always what was uploaded.

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