Cabal bugs/oddities

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Apr 9 17:55:59 EDT 2008


>  I presume this is on Windows. What version of Cabal were you using?

HEAD whenever the original message was sent. Windows is always a safe
bet with me :-)

>  > Bug 1:
>  > cabal install worked the first time, running it a second time fails.
>  Hmm. Nothing obvious from the log and it works for me on Linux. I'll
>  have to try it on Windows.

Its entirely possible its a bug in ghc-pkg rather than cabal. Perhaps
those pesky .manifest files are still floating around breaking

>  Bug 2:
>  Please file a ticket for this one.

Done #266

>  > Bug 3:
>  > Cabal upload doesn't work:
>  >
>  > $ cabal upload
>  > Username: ...
>  > Password: ....
>  You reported this one before and I fixed it:

Yeah, but when I tried again it didn't work still. I wonder why - its
possible one of the versions isn't as up to date as I think.
Otherwise, it may still be an issue - did you push the patch?

>  > $ cabal upload dist
>  > E:\Neil\homeomorphic>cabal upload dist\homeomorphic-0.1.tar.gz
>  > Hackage username: NeilMitchell
>  > Hackage password: yoda
>  > Uploading dist\homeomorphic-0.1.tar.gz...
>  > ERROR: dist\homeomorphic-0.1.tar.gz: 400 Error in upload
>  >
>  > 400 error in upload - not the worlds most helpful error message...
>  Indeed. There is an error message available but I'm not sure how we get
>  at it. Any ideas Ross?
>  Another ticket for this one.


>  > Cabal upload asks for your password in plain text. That one is
>  > security related - you are asking for someones password, and giving
>  > the appearance that you aren't overly fussed about keeping it secret.
>  I'm happy to add that if anyone can figure out the code to do it. It's
>  presumably different on ANSI terminals and the Windows command console.

getChar in a loop? You can always do:

c <- getChar
putChar '*'

If you so feel like it. You can even use putStr "\b \b" to move back
one character, even on Windows.




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