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#188: file extensions
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 GHC ignores Objective C sources unless -x c is passed to it on the command
 line before the source files.
 As far as I could tell there is no way to pass that option to GHC through
 Cabal so no .m files ever get built (well.. not completely true - setting
 ghc-options works but that breaks compilation of Haskell code).

 One way to get this to work would be to just add some extra code in Cabal
 to automatically pass -x c for .m files. This is probably a bad idea as
 someone might want or need to compile files using some other extension at
 some point.

 Another option is add some way of specifying compile options on a per-file
 (or group of files) basis: setting ghc-options to -x c just for one set of
 files. Still very limited but it's an improvement over the first option.

 Third option I can think of is to add a way of specifying
 compiler/extension pairs in Cabal so given compilers are automatically
 used to compile files with corresponding extensions.

 Depending on how much time I have I might look into adding this
 functionality myself but would like some feedback on which approach to
 Otherwise I might have to stick with autotools and ignore Cabal until it
 gets a bit more mature and flexible.

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