[Hackage] #187: Paths_pkgname module is hard to use in a library

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#187: Paths_pkgname module is hard to use in a library
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 Most users of the auto-generated {{{Paths_pkgname}}} module are programs.
 With GHC at least they can get away with not specifying the
 {{{Paths_pkgname}}} in the {{{Other-Modules}}} field. Get away with in the
 sense that it does not lead to linker errors because {{{ghc --make}}} does
 dependency chasing and links in all the necessary .o files.

 However for a library you must specify every module in {{{Exposed-
 Modules}}} or {{{Other-Modules}}} or one does get linker errors when you
 try to use the packages. That's because the missing module's .o files will
 not have been included in the library .a archive. See bug #128.

 So for a library one must specify {{{Other-Modules: Paths_pkgname}}} but
 then of course Cabal cannot find that module since it is not in the normal
 source directories but in {{{dist/build/autogen}}}. So people have to hack
 around it by adding {{{dist/build/autogen}}} to the {{{Hs-Source-Dirs}}}
 field. Obviously that's rather unsatisfactory.

 Probably the right solution is for Cabal to automatically add that
 directory to the end of the source dir search path.

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