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#188: file extensions
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Ghcversion:  6.8.1        |     Platform:  Linux  
Comment (by duncan):

 Cabal currently does not have a well abstracted way of supporting
 different kinds of files that can be compiled to .o files.

 .c .m .c++ files are all different language files that can be compiled to
 .o files with their respective compilers. I don't think we should be
 trying to hack it by just pretending they're all .c files and passing
 different flags to ghc. They should use their own compiler directly and
 Cabal should be extended to cope with this more easily.

 This would be much easier in a rule based, make style system. That work is
 at the pre-prototype stage at the moment (see #15). That should make it a
 lot easier to give a rule for building files with given extensions.

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