[C2hs] License for the c2hs manual

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Feb 14 19:38:12 EST 2010

Hi Marcot,

> I notice that the c2hs manual from c2hs-0.16.0 is licensed under GFDL, which is
> not free according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  I'd like to ask the
> c2hs developers to distribute the manual under a license that is compatible
> with DFSG, otherwise we'll have the following alternatives:
> * Move the c2hs to the non-free area of the archive.
> * Remove the manual from the c2hs package, possibly creating a package
>  containing the manual in the non-free area.
> Is the license change possible?

How about CC-BY-SA?  


Is that ok for Debian?  I believe that I still hold the sole copyright of the c2hs manual and I'm happy to relicense it under the CC-BY-SA if that would solve your problem.


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