[C2hs] Re: Default Marshallers / Arbitrary expressions as marshallers

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Thu Nov 6 08:35:44 EST 2008

>>>>> "Benedikt" == Benedikt Huber <benjovi at gmx.net> writes:

Benedikt> Hi Gour, sorry for the late reply.  

No problem.

Benedikt> To clarify, I ported c2hs to use language.c (my summer of code
Benedikt> project), which fixes a few bugs in the C
Benedikt> frontend. Additionally, I fixed a few additional bugs in c2hs,
Benedikt> and, as a little bonus, implemented enum define hooks.  Enum
Benedikt> define hooks aren't essential though, you can easily simulate
Benedikt> them using inline C.  

Still, 'enum define' hooks are nice add-on and it enhances c2hs

/me would like to see c2hs as ffi-tool-of-choice for Haskell users.

Atm, however, most of pkgs use hsc2hs...it looks having some more
examples/docs of using c2hs would be great - like having example from
the Real World Haskell book (FFI chapter) done in c2hs or something...

Benedikt> I've chatted with duncan a while ago, and he told me that
Benedikt> manuel or he will take a look at the patches when there's
Benedikt> time, but they're quite busy now I suppose (with the upcoming
Benedikt> release of ghc 6.10).  

Right. He told me it's on todo list, but in the meantime I'll use your

Benedikt> Anyway, I'm still available for questions or help.

Private email or sending here?



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