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> > No, because it would be bigger than you could lift and would contain a
> > lot of stuff you probably don't care about (are you really interested
> > in how Haskell interacts with category theory?  As a working
> > programmer, are you interested in exploring the outer corners of type
> > theory?)
>   I know "Learn You a Haskell" and "Real World Haskell". They are very
> helpful, but there is number of topics not covered by these books.

Yes.  Haskell touches on a *lot* of things, and it's not even remotely
practical to try to digest all of them, especially as a beginner.  You do
not want to do this, and you do not *need* to do this.

>   I want to learn Haskell in finite time, but having infinite number of

Finite time means you're not going to learn everything, sorry.  The world
is bigger than you are.

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