[Haskell-beginners] Issue installing reactive-banana-

Miguel Negrao miguel.negrao-lists at friendlyvirus.org
Sat Apr 28 15:36:17 CEST 2012

A 28/04/2012, às 10:14, Heinrich Apfelmus escreveu:

> Miguel Negrao wrote:
>> Hi
>> It appears I can’t install reactive-banana-
>> cabal install reactive-banana
>> Resolving dependencies...
>> cabal: cannot configure mtl-2.1. It requires transformers ==0.3.*
>> For the dependency on transformers ==0.3.* there are these packages:
>> transformers- However none of them are available.
>> transformers- was excluded because reactive-banana- requires
>> transformers ==0.2.*
>> How can I solve this ?
> I have uploaded  reactive-banana-  which relaxes the version constraint on the  transformers  package. Try the new version.

Ok, it installs now, thanks.

I had a try again at running the examples of reactive-banana-wx. I unpacked reactive-banana-wx- I have installed wx and wxcore version 0.13.1, that’s what I managed to install at some point (I think there were some issue with OSX Lion on previous versions). So I changed the cabal setup of reactive-banana-wx- to wx==0.13.1, wxcore==0.13.1 and then did 'cabal install -fbuildExamples’ and everything builds. Most of the examples run fine, although the resize of the window is completely hacky, all the widgets assume strange proportion and become almost unusable (http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/1149/capturadeecr20120428s14.png) . The asteroids app (which was the one I wanted to have  look at) the window becomes just a couple pixels, so I can’t see anything (http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/1149/capturadeecr20120428s14.png). Is there a problem in using wx 0.13.1 ?
Btw, wx 0.90 "Builds and runs cleanly on 64 bit platforms (particularly MacOS X  Lion)”. Would reactive-banana-wx work with wx0.9.0 ?


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