[Haskell-beginners] Installing package hsc3 – Haskell supercollider

Deb Midya debmidya at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 00:14:22 EDT 2010

Hi Haskell Users,
Thanks in advance.
I am using Haskell on Windows XP. I have downloaded HaskellPlatform-2010.2.0.0-setup.exe and installed it. I have checked that GHCi version is 6.12.3.
May I request you to assist me for the following please:
To install Haskell supercollider package, I have downloaded hsc3-0.7.tar.gz. How can I install this package now? Is there any document (how to use) on this package?
To assist me for this, I have also checked that whether cabal is working or not. To do that:
At dos prompt:
\ghc>cabal –help
\ghc> cabal install –help
It shows me flags for help and installation.
Once again, thank you very much for the time you have given.

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