[Haskell-beginners] haskell scheduling

Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 14:40:56 EDT 2010

Firstly this sounds like a homework question, and I think people expect you
to mention this, if it really is the case.

Secondly, you put your problem as "outputting the schedule".

On 17 September 2010 01:08, Nowshad <imnowshad at gmail.com> wrote:

> I want to output the schedule ...

Considering the fact that you do not have a schedule at hand, your problem
is not about *outputting* the schedule.

To the best of my knowledge, RM, DM and EDF are different heuristics
(~algorithms) for scheduling. If I were you, I'd start by trying to
understand what each technique suggests. Then think about how to implement
them is Haskell. Since the input and output formats (types) of your
scheduling function are fixed, they can guide and help you in this process.

Please do ask if you have any other question, after making an attempt.

Hope this helps,
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