[arch-haskell] Git Annex is in [haskell-web]

Fabio Riga rifabio at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 17:20:11 CEST 2013

Il 04/04/2013 17:32, Nicolas Pouillard ha scritto:
> Quoting Fabio Riga (2013-04-04 02:46:59)
>> Hello,
> Hello,
>> just wanted to say that now git-annex is in the repo. As it was a very
>> hard beast to compile, please help me check if anything is wrong.
> I maintain git-annex as an AUR package since quite a long time now and as
> you said compiling it is not that easy.
> I wonder if I should continue packaging git-annex myself then. My package
> tries to have all the configuration switches for git-annex features and
> also compiles the documentation and runs the tests. At the very least my
> packaging will be simplified by the presence of all the dependencies in
> the haskell-web repo, thank you!
> Best regards,
> -- NP
I knew about the AUR package: actually I take "inspiration" from it. I
added git-annex as you do asked for it. I think that you can use your
AUR package, if you prefer, as git-annex isn't a library, it's not
necessary (still recommended by Magnus) to recompile for every updated
dependency. The drawback is that you need A LOT of installed
dependencies just to build a static binary. If you install from the
[habs-web] package, you don't even need ghc. Of course this isn't big
issue for a Haskell developer (I assume that anybody interested in
archhaskell is in some way a developer), but I feel it is a problem for
spreading some very good Haskell application, including git-annex,
xmonad, pandoc, gitit... Anyway, this is beyond the scope of this thread.

My package doesn't include documentation (isn't it available on the
website?), but comes with autostart and menu .desktop files. Of course,
you can't do any customization, for that there's makepkg, or gentoo! ;P


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