[arch-haskell] Git Annex is in [haskell-web]

Nicolas Pouillard np at nicolaspouillard.fr
Thu Apr 4 17:32:00 CEST 2013

Quoting Fabio Riga (2013-04-04 02:46:59)
> Hello,


> just wanted to say that now git-annex is in the repo. As it was a very
> hard beast to compile, please help me check if anything is wrong.

I maintain git-annex as an AUR package since quite a long time now and as
you said compiling it is not that easy.

I wonder if I should continue packaging git-annex myself then. My package
tries to have all the configuration switches for git-annex features and
also compiles the documentation and runs the tests. At the very least my
packaging will be simplified by the presence of all the dependencies in
the haskell-web repo, thank you!

Best regards,
-- NP

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